Float with the current of the Hawkesbury River.

A full renovation of an existing house in the middle of the town of Wilberforce. The design features a series of planes intersecting each other in various ways to create a modern approach in the existing house. The newly designed house will have a beautiful canopy roof extending over the residence and the new garage extension featuring a timber finish and a strip light, highlighting the perimeter of the house. The exterior of the house will be featuring a dark colour scheme with timber, concrete and green components all around the exterior and interior from the property. 


Throughout modern design, the house will feature a continuous high window granting natural light access to every corner of the interior corridors and rooms within the house. The exterior's dark finish will be gently watered down by concrete planter boxes and timber features around the house. The garage will be covered with timber slats making its doors impossible to distinguish, making them a peculiarity of the house. The garage roof will become a place for entertainment, to accommodate the newly designed master bedroom and bathroom.


The river house has an extensive parcel of land surrounded by nature with fronting to the Hawkesbury River. To make the renovated house blend into its surroundings organically, the design is entirely based on uninterrupted views of the river.




Wilberforce NSW




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