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Property development in Sydney can be a complex process to navigate. That is why our team is ready to help you grow your property and maximise your profits. Equnox Designs prides itself in having an all in-house process where we take on a development and work on it with no outsourced personnel. Instead of having to deal with architects, interior designers, home builders and developers individually, you only deal with us. 

Fast. Easy. And with no complications. We promise no stress, just success.

Our all in-house team is made up of experienced and well versed professionals that excel in their field. We offer a diverse pool of services led by skilled leaders in the field to help you succeed.

Pre-purchase Site Analysis & Advice

First, we find a potentially profitable site that can be handled by our project development team. We analyse the possible ways to improve the site, and advise the client on how to proceed. If a client already has a project in mind, we advise them about the best way to approach it.

Project Feasibility

Before purchasing, the construction project management team runs feasibility studies to find expected costs and expected profit based on comparable sales in the area nearby. Things like salaries for the architectural design team, interior designers and builders are considered to calculate a rough budget and the expected profit margin.

Architectural Design

After the site is purchased, the concept design is developed in our architectural design studio. Everything is designed based on the client’s specifications, being careful to adhere to council regulations. We create unique styles and layouts that improve the overall aesthetic of a property.
Check out our architectural design section for more information.

Interior Design

Our interior designers ensure your property is as luxurious as it is harmonious. We believe a space is meant to work efficiently, fulfil its purpose and look great while doing it. Which is why, without interior design services, we guarantee your property’s aesthetic design will exceed your expectations.
Check out our interior design section for more information.

Project Management

We use our experience, vast knowledge of the market and unique problem solving skills to ensure your project achieves the specific objectives you want. Certain parameters are agreed upon before the project starts to outline limitations and goals, and then, all it is left is for you to sit back and let us do the rest.

Check out our project management section for more information.

3D Renders

3D rendering services are provided to offer architectural visualization to clients and workers alike. The models built in our 3D rendering studio are also used for marketing and publicity purposes.
Check out our 3D rendering section for more information.

Building & Construction

Once everything is ready and set to go, construction begins. We partner with only the best of the best to ensure your project is successful. Our partners include new home builders who bring your first dream house into reality, and luxury home builders who specialise in building elegant and luxurious properties.

Check out our building section for more information.

Wrap Up

In the wrap up, we check that everything is up to standard. This is to ensure the finished product looks exactly as our clients envisioned it. We put the model created in the 3D rendering studio side by side for visual comparison, and hand the final product back to the client, ready to sell or live in.


Nature, Time and Patience are the three great physicians.

  • Client - Equnox
  • Status - On Hold
  • Location - Glebe NSW
  • Size - 900sqm

Grown from the idea of a hearty design that connects built structure with nature. Our architectural design team created 3 townhouses with great amenities, a luxurious double shower and bath combination, and a greenhouse on the empty rooftop, taking advantage of a free space that would otherwise be wasted. As per an equinox with same length day and night, the layouts come in two colour schemes; light and dark. Each scheme comes with theme-specific customised furniture, specifically curated by our talented interior design team.

Whether it be a family or a work at home couple, Trinity was designed just for you. Enjoy a home flowing with life made up of:

– 3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
2 Car spaces in a shared underground garage
Rooftop greenhouse
Open layout living room
Modern designed kitchen

Choose luxury. Choose comfort. Choose Trinity.


Interested In Our Other Services?

Interior Design

Creating interior design that reflects each customer and caters for the growth & security of our families.

Project Management

Not every project is the same, we deliver each and every individual project on time and on budget.

3D Rendering

Providing home owners and developers with top quality images that make an impact.

Property Development

Instead of dealing with different contractors you deal only with us. Our all in-house team take on your project from start to finish. 


With different investment models & wide project pool, we guarantee our investors will find a project they love.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design that is one-of-a-kind for families and investors.

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    How much do I need to know before diving into property development?

    Nothing or everything. No matter how knowledgeable you are, Equnox Designs will take care of you. If you want to learn, our team of specialists will guide you step by step, giving you a chance to clearly grasp Property Development in Sydney. If you would rather sit back and let us do the work, we offer you complete transparency during the whole process.

    Can I do some things on my own to save money?

    Absolutely! As one of the most innovative Property Development companies in Sydney, we offer you the best price possible in a packaged deal, but you are free to choose what suits you best. Just keep in mind some cost adjustments might have to be made.

    Do you take on small jobs?

    Of course! We take on any kind of project. No matter the size, we make your project’s success a priority.

    Why should I develop my property?

    There can be multiple reasons but one of the most common ones is to sell for a higher price. By investing to develop a property, be it renovation or interior design, it can top the market and sell for a better price. As a top property development company, Equnox Designs guarantees you a seamless process, a VIP experience and success for every and any project.

    I’m not thinking of selling but I want to renovate my place. Can you do it?

    Yes! Some of our previous projects have been personal renovations. We have a skilled team ready to help you achieve your vision, and, if you don’t have one, to help you find it. Property development is not only for those looking to sell but also for those looking to better their homes.

    I don’t have a lot of money. Can I still develop my property?

    Yes. We understand that property development in Sydney can get very expensive and not everybody has a couple million waiting to be spent. That is why we make sure to discuss with you what can be done with your budget. With our experience and trusted partners we make sure to get you the best price, and make the best use of your money.