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At Equnox, we are qualified to take on any kind of project. Be it property development, housing design and interior design to increase the value of your estate, or something different like building design and commercial management.

From beginning to end, in construction project management we take care of each step to ensure your dream project goes exactly how you envisioned it. You can choose which part of the process you want to entrust us with; housing design, building design, bedroom interior design or everything in between. Anything you might want, we manage. Zero trouble. Zero mistakes.

The job of a project manager is to direct a whole team made up of builders, architects, engineers and interior designers to ensure a project meets its success criteria in time. However, at Equnox Designs we manage a project by working harmoniously as one. Our company structure allows us to treat with a team that works under one roof, making the process easier and less stressful for you.

Our all in-house team is made up of experienced and well versed professionals that excel in their field. We offer a diverse pool of services led by skilled leaders in the field to help you succeed.

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t  answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Project Scope

This is the first step in the project management process. We determine and document your project goals, deadlines and preliminary costs. At this time, we see what kind of document submission we have to make, and how we can maximise the probability for the project to be approved.


Now is the time to lock the architectural design and fix the budget around it.
At this stage we identify the key people who will get the project going. Depending on the task they could come from our in-house team including our interior designers, or come from a partner company of trusted home builders and luxury stylists. You can rest assured that we will find the best luxury home builders and interior designers to make your vision come true.
A project timeline is also established to document every important milestone needed in order to meet the outcome goal and deadline.

Launch, Execution & Performance Control

Data tracking sheets and KPI’s for everyone involved are established from the beginning of the project. This is to guarantee a smooth process with minor setbacks.

Throughout the execution stage, we run quality control inspections to ensure the accomplished work aligns with the project scope, and the product is the same as the architectural design. We track costs, to stay within budget, and the general performance of home builders, interior designers and everyone involved to make sure everyone is performing at their best to deliver quality results in time.

Wrap Up

In the wrap up we check that everything is up to standard. This is to ensure the finished product looks exactly as our clients envisioned it. If a model was previously made through 3D rendering, we put them side by side for a more visual comparison.
This is the time when we do data analysis reports, documenting what worked successfully and what didn’t. Apart from being transparent with our clients and providing them with a clear report of their project, we use the data to improve future projects as well. You can be sure the same mistake won’t ever be done twice.


A collection of 4 townhouses located in the heart of Caringbah.

  • Client - ZTD Group
  • Status - Built
  • Location - Caringbah NSW 2229
  • Size - 1,067sqm
  • Department - Project Management
  • Completion Date - September 2019

This Caringbah project consists of developing 4 small townhouses just 5 minutes away from the shops. Located near a bus stop, a short drive away from the Miranda Westfield Shopping Centre and a 15 minutes drive away from the lovely Cronulla Beach, the Ultimo Estate is a perfect family summer home. 

Our architecture specialist turned a simple house into 4 beautiful townhouses designed with comfort and innovation in mind with:

3-4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Open plan living room, dinner and kitchen
Contemporary housing design
Extensive private open spaces

From beginning to end, we managed the Ultimo Estate meticulously. Our property development  team ran the DA process, and project managed the construction to its completion. In collaboration with ZTD Development, Equnox Designs hand-delivered a successful project on time and within budget with no setbacks.


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    What does ROI mean and why do I need it?

    Return On Investment .
    This is to calculate the expected returns and profit of a project. Our team of project managers calculate this early in the project planning phase, before the project is started.

    Why should I hire you?

    Our experienced team know the ins-and-outs of the industry. We ensure everything runs smoothly, and solve any unexpected situations that may arise. What distinguishes us from other companies is that we run quality control checks more often than others. This means, every step will be up to standards and probably higher.

    Can I be involved?

    Yes! You can be as involved or distanced as you want. Unlike many other project management companies in Sydney, our team promises complete transparency.


    Yes. We have a project management consultant ready to advise you.


    Our all in-house team. This not only makes us unique, but also allows us to provide you with a seamless experience and VIP service.


    Project managers manage every piece of the team. Without any experience you might find that the process is frustrating and complicated which is why we highly recommend you to get someone to take care of the construction project management.
    Equnox Designs is a project management firm with a highly qualified team. Contact us today and learn how we can help you!