New year 2020, New Decade with Equnox...

Looking at the end of a year it may seem like a breath but every second of everyday counts to make a year come through.

At the end of this year not only the start of a new year begins, but the beginning of a new decade. An Equnox decade. Here at Equnox we will make sure that every of the 315,360,000 second of the next decade are used to deliver to you that project, that dream, that goal.

We know that you have different goals and needs for the upcoming decade. Therefore, our extended pool of services will help you and our team will guide you to achieve all these goals and dreams. We make our investors become their own property developers.

Whether you are an investor, or looking to renovate your house or build your dream home, or deliver those sales. We can help you turn transform that dream into reality.

We crafty design projects based and for You!

Project Development is a term Equnox coined, an innovative way to structure your project through our in-house process we assure our clients peace of mind, trusting we will deliver their project with the highest quality in the most efficient time. Whether your project is still an idea, concept stage, or being built. Our team can take up your project on board and guide you to success.

From thorough site locating & feasibility studies, performed to make sure the project is feasible for our clients, to design while project managing the entire process until delivery.

Equnox has been built on dreams, cemented by hard work & innovation. Let us work together for a more sustainable decade, for better goals and for a better future!

For a decade with Equnox and You!

Equnox is built on the fundamentals of creating a seamless experience in property development through our comprehensive services, forging a better future by integrating the built environment with Nature.

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