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Ultimo Estate | Caringbah

A Collection Of 4 Townhouses Located In The Heart Of Caringbah.

Client : ZTD Group

Scope : Project Management

Project Date : September 2019

project management companies sydney
project management consultant
project management consultant sydney
Ultimo Estate| Caringbah

A Collection Of 4 Townhouses Located In The Heart Of Caringbah

This Caringbah project consists of developing 4 small townhouses just 5 minutes away from the shops. Located near a bus stop, a short drive away from the Miranda Westfield Shopping Centre and a 15 minutes drive away from the lovely Cronulla Beach, the Ultimo Estate is a perfect family summer home. 

Our architecture specialist turned a simple house into 4 beautiful townhouses designed with comfort and innovation in mind with:

 – 3-4 bedrooms 
3 bathrooms
 – Open plan living room, dinner and kitchen
 – Contemporary housing design
 – Extensive private open spaces

From beginning to end, we managed the Ultimo Estate meticulously. Our property development  team ran the DA process, and project managed the construction to its completion. In collaboration with ZTD Development, Equnox Designs hand-delivered a successful project on time and within budget with no setbacks.




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