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The Trinity Development | Glebe

Nature, Time and Patience Are The Three Great Physicians

Client : Equnox

Scope : Architectural Design

Project Date : TBC

property developers sydney
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THE TRINITY DEVELOPMENT - Architects & Builders Sydney
The Trinity Development | Glebe

Your Own Private Roof Green House? Nature, Time and Patience Are The Three Great Physicians

Grown from the idea of a hearty design that connects built structure with nature. Our architectural design team created 3 townhouses with great amenities, a luxurious double shower and bath combination, and a greenhouse on the empty rooftop, taking advantage of a free space that would otherwise be wasted. As per an equinox with same length day and night, the layouts come in two colour schemes; light and dark. Each scheme comes with theme-specific customised furniture, specifically curated by our talented interior design team.

Whether it be a family or a work at home couple, Trinity was designed just for you. Enjoy a home flowing with life made up of:

 – 3 Bedrooms
 – 3 Bathrooms
 – 2 Car spaces in a shared underground garage
 – Rooftop greenhouse
 – Open layout living room
 – Modern designed kitchen

​Choose luxury. Choose comfort. Choose Trinity.




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