THE RIVER HOUSE – Wilberforce

THE RIVER HOUSE - architectural design

The River House | Wilberforce

Float With The Current Of The Hawkesbury River

Client : Luke

Scope : Architectural Design

Project Date : TBC

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The River House | Wilberforce

Float With The Current Of The Hawkesbury River

A full renovation of a house located in the middle of the town of Wilberforce. The housing design features a series of multiple intersecting planes, transforming an old house into a modern styled property. Continuous high windows flank the property, allowing natural light to brighten the interior architecture. 

Our architecture specialist designed the renovation plans with the urban design in mind. The River House is surrounded by extensive natural green areas while the Hawkesbury River heads the front. To help the house blend into its surroundings organically, the building design is entirely based on uninterrupted views of the river.

To accent the home styling, the exterior combines dark colour schemes with timber finishes, concrete and green components, and a strip light that highlights the perimeter. The dark finishes are gently watered down by concrete planter boxes and timber details, creating a unique look that works harmoniously with the urban design of the area. 

The architectural design includes a stylish canopy roof that extends over the residence, and a newly built garage. This newly added extension is covered with timber slats, making the doors impossible to  distinguish; a peculiarity of the property.

Aligning with our strive to build sustainable structures, an entertainment room, the newly designed master bedroom and a bathroom are placed on top of the garage, taking  advantage of every space.




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