THE ONYX ESTATE - Architects & Builders Sydney

The Onyx Estate | Middle Dural

Bespoke Interior Design With Onyx & Marble

Client : Michael & Lisa

Scope : Interior Design

Project Date : January 2020

THE ONYX ESTATE - Architects & Builders Sydney
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The Onyx Estate| Middle Dural

Bespoke Interior Design With Onyx & Marble

A complete renovation and expansion of the master ensuite bedroom in a house in Dural. Using the existing footprint of the wardrobe, bedroom and bathroom, the brief outlined the desire of the client to have an open floor plan that connects all three elements harmoniously. A simple task to make all three flow together as one. 

Our trusted team of home builders demolished the walls in the bathroom, creating a new clean open space connecting all wet areas including the shower, bathtub and vanity with only a dry buffer zone dividing it from the carpeted floor of the bedroom. 

To increase natural light, our interior designer used two different types of stone that accentuate each other. The lit up Onyx brightens the shower and the bathroom, contrasting against the white cold grains of the marble floors, walls and ceiling, accompanied by the feature walls and vanity. 

The walk-in wardrobe uses dark mahogany timber and golden fixtures to create a dark gold space that contrasts against the light colours of the bedroom interior design. Also, it is divided by a textured feature wall, creating perfect symmetry between the bathroom and bedroom, and allowing all the elements of the Master Ensuite to work organically as one.




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