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The Artist |Sydney

Bridging The Gap Between Building And Nature.

Client : Competition

Scope : 3D Rendering

Project Date : June 2019

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3d rendering sydney
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The Artist | Sydney

Bridging the gap between building and Nature. The name.....The Artist!

Our proposal for the extension of the AGNSW Competition. The challenge called for an addition to the existing Art Gallery of New South Wales by allocating new halls and exhibition areas to grow the current art display. 

The curved waving ceiling was created in our architectural design studio by introducing a fictional topography to the flat structure in an attempt to simulate the Domain’s irregular scenery. It also serves as a bridge that connects with  Sir John Crescent at street level, allowing pedestrians to have direct access to the park above. Along with it, the architecture design calls for the courtyard, currently placed on top of the car park, to be moved down to street level in order to connect the street view with the new gallery. 

The interior design is divided in 3 sections: 
In the North Wing, a third of the existing car park will remain, keeping the low ceilings held by structural grid-like columns. In order to maximise the usable space, the columns will be utilised to display art as needed.

2. The mid-area features an open foyer that welcomes visitors with a modern coffee bar, seating spaces and public facilities. The architecture design integrates interior botanical gardens in the form of vertical green walls, adding small green spaces all around the area. 

3. The South Wing is purposely designed as a continuous path that resembles a walk through a botanical garden. A series of stairs and ramps intertwine each one of the square-shaped art areas, making this new art gallery not only a space for display, but a journey for its visitors. 




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