Estefania Bonfante

Estafania Bonfante

Chief Editor


Estefania Bonfante (age 25), BComm, Editor at EQUNOX Designs, responsible for all content editing and low content creation. She speaks 4 languages and, thanks to her deep understanding of English, she writes professional texts full of emotion. She lives by a simple rule: Work hard today, and a bit harder tomorrow.

Although she doesn’t have much experience, she has proven to be an important asset to grow the company’s brand. She is all about everything written. She is fluent in Spanish English, Japanese and German. Her knowledge in multiple languages and experience travelling helps her understand and connect with people from all around the world. 

Currently, Estefania manages everything related to written content. From Instagram posts to the monthly newsletters. Of course, she also works closely with the SEO team to better the brand.


Content Writing100%
Research and Analytical skills 80%
Problem Solving100%
Spanish 100%
English 100%
German 100%


2019 - CURRENT
Editor & Low Content Creator
Bachelors of Communications
Bachelors Telecommunications Engineering
Japanese language studies in Tokyo, Japan