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We personalise and create luxurious indoor spaces. With the utmost care, we select the best style, colours and decorations that harmonise the best with you. Our in-house interior designers create aesthetically pleasing spaces with their modern interior design methods. From bedroom interior design to living room interior design and anything inside the scope of home styling.

Be it small or big, our talented team of interior designers helps you bring your vision to life. Because your house should feel like home from the moment you step through the door, we work hard to create a space that is You. Our priority is your comfort, and as such, we provide you with the best tips and advice to help you speak yourself through your home.

Interior Design Firms Sydney

Our team offers a unique structure, made up of not only interior designers but also interior architects who bring a balance to the design process. This mix is uncommon  for interior design firms in Sydney.

Our all in-house team is made up of experienced and well versed professionals that excel in their field. We offer a diverse pool of services led by skilled leaders in the field to help you succeed.

Initial Brief

The interior designer evaluates the site and creates a plan detailing the best approach. What can or can’t be done is discussed with the client, taking into account the architecture of the space and the aesthetic of the place. Style preferences and client requirements are established in this stage.

Concept Design

The design is developed by the interior designer within the specifications of the client. This is meant to illustrate our client’s vision exactly how they imagined it. Our interior stylist can make different versions in case you don’t have any exact design in mind. At this time, the interior designer presents mood boards and colour schemes to give the client an idea of the final product.
This is also the time when materials and furniture are chosen.


The final interior design is finished and implemented. Our interior designers deliver the client their dream space, and finish up the contract.


Bespoke Interior Design with Onyx & Marble.

A complete renovation and expansion of the master ensuite bedroom in a house in Dural. Using the existing footprint of the wardrobe, bedroom and bathroom, the brief outlined the desire of the client to have an open floor plan that connects all three elements harmoniously. A simple task to make all three flow together as one. 

Our trusted team of home builders demolished the walls in the bathroom, creating a new clean open space connecting all wet areas including the shower, bathtub and vanity with only a dry buffer zone dividing it from the carpeted floor of the bedroom. 

To increase natural light, our interior designer used two different types of stone that accentuate each other. The lit up Onyx brightens the shower and the bathroom, contrasting against the white cold grains of the marble floors, walls and ceiling, accompanied by the feature walls and vanity. 

The walk-in wardrobe uses dark mahogany timber and golden fixtures to create a dark gold space that contrasts against the light colours of the bedroom interior design. Also, it is divided by a textured feature wall, creating perfect symmetry between the bathroom and bedroom, and allowing all the elements of the Master Ensuite to work organically as one.

  • Client - Michael & Lisa
  • Status - Built
  • Location - Middle Dural NSW 2756
  • Size - 60sqm
  • Department -Interior Design
  • Completion Date - January 2020

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Equnox Designs pride themselves on bringing their client’s vision to life and delivering on their promise.

Project Management

We are qualified to take on any kind of project – property development, housing design or interior design.

3D Rendering

Our 3D rendering services are for anyone looking to get a photorealistic illustration of their project.

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We pride ourselves in having an all in-house process where we work on it only with no outsourced personnel.


With different investment models & wide project pool, we guarantee our investors will find a project they love.


Equnox Designs prides itself on delivering quality results with maximum profits to our clients.

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    Why should I hire an interior designer?

    Our job is to transform a space into your ideal place. For this we give you mood boards and creative ideas for you to use. Be it a solid idea or a feeling, our interior designers help you make your space be all you. We can either only assist you to find a way to speak yourself through your home, or take on the whole process and deliver you a decorated and fully furnished home.

    Can you manage the entire project?

    Yes. From beginning to start, our interior designers take on the whole process.

    I don’t know what my design style is or how to articulate it, should I still work with an interior designer?

    The more so. Our interior design team will help you figure out what style is perfect for you. Don’t worry about not knowing what you want, we can start from something as small as your favourite colour.

    How much do I have to spend to redecorate my home?

    As much as you want. We offer budget friendly solutions and affordable interior renovations that are just as luxurious as the most expensive home redecorations.
    If you’re worried about your budget size, let’s have a chat and let our team put all your worries at ease with our tailored plans.

    What is the difference between interior designer and interior decorator?

    An interior designer designs spaces that are functional and aesthetic. An interior decorator doesn’t design, rather decorates a space based on style. At Equnox Designs, we offer you a full team of experienced designers ready to create the perfect home for you.

    What if I don’t want to follow through with the whole process and only want some design ideas?

    Just say so. We take on small and big projects, and tailor our team to your needs. If what you want is help finding ideas to design and decorate your place, we can create mood boards and tables to get your inspiration going.

    I don’t want to be involved. Can you do everything without bothering me?

    Of course! Sit back and relax, your home is in good hands. We will consult with you about the design and overall aesthetic you want, but apart from that you can enjoy the success of your project or newly renovated home when we deliver you a freshly designed place.