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It's a plane, it's a its a marina! 

Blackwattle Bay Marina is one of a kind. 

Equnox has been engaged to project manage the new upgrades for Blackwattle Bay Marina. The marina will be undertaking a new power supply structure and upgrade to provide a more efficient and better solution for its residents. As well as a new waste disposal management system for their private boats. Thinking about the community Blackwattle Bay Marina will also be adding a public disposal discharge dock that will be supported by their operatives and new upgrades. 

The marina accommodates multiple cruises and yachts, making it imperative for it to run smoothly to support and assist all the surrounding businesses on their day-to-day operations. It is of high importance to make the new upgrades seamless for their operations and create no extra work for the marina's managers, clients and visitors. 

Equnox has helped the marina with all the necessary approvals, management of consultants, strategic positioning and meetings to run the new upgrades in a hassle free way for the people involved. Also, Equnox has been engaged to design a new public toilet facility that will be placed within the marina for their visitors and clients to use and enjoy. 


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