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Architectural Design Services

Equnox Designs takes pride in bringing their client’s vision to life and delivering on their promises. We are a modern, cost-effective way to innovate the development process.

When it comes to our architectural design services, we leave no stone unturned and ensure that we take care of our clients with the utmost priority. We source development sites and provide all the architectural design, planning, approvals, and more.

Including some of the best architects in Sydney, our team works with space and elements to bring to life functional and luxurious designs that flow synchronously with nature. By intertwining the built structure with the surrounding scenery and landscape, our sustainable architects create designs that cause minimal impact on the environment.

Our all in-house team is made up of experienced and well versed professionals that excel in their field. We offer a diverse pool of services led by skilled leaders in the field to help you succeed.

Site Analysis & Purchase

Before anything can start, we see the site and analyse what can be done. Depending on your goals, we procure a site that can be moulded to your vision. For property development, this is when we find the best possible approach to minimise spending and maximise profits. In the case of construction project management, we find the best site that suits our client’s interests, and purchase it on their behalf. And for anyone looking to build new homes, we scout sites around specific locations, hand picked by our clients.

Concept Design

This is an early phase in the design process where we identify possible obstacles with the final design. Be it regulation obstacles or unsuitability for the housing design, we polish the Architectural Design. During the whole process, we keep in mind the urban design, ensuring the Architectural Design matches the aesthetic of the surrounding area while still standing out enough to remain unique.

Design Development

After the building design or housing design has been polished, we create schematic documents where we integrate every specification needed for the construction, and review plans and elevations. At this time, we recommend our clients to get 3D rendering models of their design. Of course, our rendering services are available as an individual option or a package deal with your project.

Development Application

Once the architecture and design have been decided, we lodge a development application or DA to the corresponding council. This is a formal proposal to execute a development. Depending on council this could be rejected, but our construction project management team will configure the plans to guarantee it is approved.

Construction and Building

Once everything is ready, construction begins. We partner with only the best of the best to ensure your project is successful. Our partners include new home builders who bring your first dream house into reality, and luxury home builders who specialise in building elegant and luxurious properties. For different projects, this is the stage where the magic happens.

Contract Administration

Once construction is over, we review the contract to ensure every clause has been met. The final product is also compared one more time with the initial concept design, and once the architecture specialist, interior designer or property development team green light the results, the contract is finalised.


Float with the current of the Hawkesbury River.

  • Style - Contemporary
  • Status - In Progress
  • Location - Wilberforce NSW 2756
  • Size - 2756sqm

In the middle of the town of Wilberforce, a house underwent a full renovation to become The River House. Surrounded by extensive natural green areas while the Hawkesbury River heads the front, the house is based on uninterrupted views of the river. 

The exteriors feature dark colour schemes with timber finishes that are watered down by concrete planter boxes, creating a unique look that works harmoniously with the surrounding areas, and a canopy roof that extends over the residence.

Aligning with our strive to build sustainable structures, the entertainment room, the newly designed master bedroom and a bathroom are placed on top of the garage, taking advantage of every space.


Interested In Our Other Services?

Interior Design

Our in-house interior designers create aesthetically pleasing spaces with their modern interior design methods.

Project Management

We are qualified to take on any kind of project – property development, housing design or interior design.

3D Rendering

Our 3D rendering services are for anyone looking to get a photorealistic illustration of their project.

Property Development

Instead of dealing with different contractors you deal only with us. Our all in-house team take on your project from start to finish. No outsourcing necessary.


With different investment models & wide project pool, we guarantee our investors will find a project they love.


At Equnox Designs we pride ourselves in bringing our client’s vision to life and delivering on our promises.

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    What makes you unique?

    Unlike other architecture firms in Sydney, our in-house team takes care of every step of the way. No matter the project, Architectural Design, Property Development or anything in between, we do it.

    I’m only looking for a design. Can I just pay for that?

    Of course! We work like other architecture firms in Sydney while offering some extras to better your experience. If you’re only looking to book our architecture services, contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Architectural Design team.

    Where are you located?

    Our office is located in Barangaroo, however, we are always happy to meet with our clients somewhere closer to them.

    Although we have projects in multiple suburbs ranging from Surry Hills, Wollongong and the inner west to Eastern suburbs, Mosman and Northern beaches, our office is located in Millers Point. However, we are always happy to meet with you somewhere closer to home.

    Do you do residential architecture designs?

    Yes! Our experienced team is well versed in all kinds of Architectural Design. However, unlike many other residential architects in Sydney, we take advantage of our knowledge of the market to create distinctive and sustainable designs that work harmoniously with the surrounding areas.

    What if my property is marked as heritage?

    Unfortunately, we do not work as heritage architects. Sydney heritage architects tend to specialise in heritage sites alone. If you are looking for other services, check the “What we do” section to get more information.

    Are your designs sustainable?

    Equnox Designs believes in integrating the built structure with nature, making them work as one which is why our brand colours include varying tones of green. Which is also why we are always striving to create sustainable designs in our Architecture studio, constantly improving to create a sustainable built environment.