Understanding today's flaws and Innovating them for a better future for upcoming generations. 

Equnox is about creating innovative and harmless ways for future generations to enjoy. Today we need to think about how our actions will not only affect your present and immediate future but the future of other generations. 

At Equnox everything that we do, we do it to create a better future a better life and a better tomorrow. 

Equnox began with the idea to disrupt the property industry through innovative designs, products, ideas to create unimaginable thinks come a realty. 

Equnox is a boutique, Sydney based Property Services firm, co-founded by Estefano Bonfante and Ratu Knight.Since the firm’s conception, the directors have consistently sought to bring a seamless and unique experience to their clients. Equnox entered the property world with one sole goal:To disrupt the property industry.With our ‘outside the box’ approach, Equnox has paved its own way through this often complex and time-consuming property segment. We have developed a system that integrates key property services in one place, resulting in peace of mind and elevated value for all our clients.Real estate developers and investors seek Equnox to give their properties a distinct look and emotional bond, connecting to their target market, and differentiating their offerings in a fiercely competitive landscape.The approach is simple.To provide a uniquely flawless, fully integrated suite of property and building services under one roof, developing a one of a kind signature design for everyone.

Baby's Clutch

Meet The Team

Estefano Bonfante

Director & Co-Founder

Ratu Knight

Director & Co-Founder

Andrea Perez

Manager of 3D Content & Animation 

Estefania Bonfante

Head of Content Creation & Editing

Fiona Douskou

Head of Client's Relations

Andrea Perez

Manager of 3D Content & Animation 

Equnox is built on the fundamentals of creating a seamless experience in property development through our comprehensive services, forging a better future by integrating the built environment with Nature.

Equnox Sydney Studio | Barangaroo 

Email: info@equnoxdesigns.com.au

Phone: (02) 8029 9909 | 0415891481

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