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Building Services

Equnox Designs prides itself on delivering quality results with maximum profits to our clients. With our building services, you can entrust us with any of your projects. Our skilled architecture specialist, interior designers and property development team will make sure to handle A to X so you can enjoy Y and Z.

Equnox Designs has teamed up with the top home builders in Sydney to provide you with a VIP experience and the best results. We run every project closely with our partners to ensure quality standards are in place, met and surpassed.

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t  answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Before anything can start, our architecture specialist looks at the building design and reviews the plans and structure. This is the time when we make sure everything meets regulations and is overall good to go. We lodge a DA to council and fix anything that isn’t within the limitations.
We also meet with the engineer in charge to ensure the construction is safe to build.


Once everything has been approved, we talk to our house builders to create a budget. The costs for the project as a whole are reviewed as talks with our partnered luxury home builders progress. This is the stage where materials are selected based on client preference.
A timeline is established, locking up the milestones every contractor is set to meet, and a deadline is decided accordingly.

Lock Up Stage

For any structure, the foundations of the project have to be built first. Our property development team and architecture specialists are in charge of reviewing every step of the building process.

Interior & Design

Once the structural frame is in place, our interior designers or housing design team takes on the project. The interior is designed, modelled and styled to meet a specific aesthetic chosen by the client. Everything is cleaned, polished and finished.

Check our interior design section for more information.

Detailing & Landscape

Everything from blinds to alarm systems are installed and finished up. The interior designers work on the last touch ups, guaranteeing elegance and luxury in every design.
Our landscape architecture specialist takes care of the landscape details before the property development team runs a last quality control.

Quality control

We make sure there is nothing out of place, and rectify with the client. If there is something that needs to be changed, the schedule and timeline are altered accordingly to ensure the satisfaction of the client.
When everything has been approved, we process a certificate of quality and completion, along with the necessary reports and documentation.


The property is ready to be sold or used. This is when our clients get their return profit. In case of it being a profit property, we can assist with the sale responsibilities or hand in the final product to the owner.
Equnox Designs is working on a new real estate branch. Soon our clients will have the option to let us handle the sale of the properties for smoother transactions.


Minty Fresh New Design Alteration & Addition.

  • Client - Equnox
  • Status - Completed
  • Location - Minto NSW
  • Size - 764sqm
  • Department - Building, All services
  • Completion Date - December 2018

Set in the beautiful suburb of Minto, the Granny’s Quarters is a project we hold dearly. The brief featured an interior renovation of three bedrooms, kitchen and freshening up the exterior, along with the new addition of a granny flat.

Our property development team ran the DA and managed both the renovation and the addition all the way through to completion; working closely with our trusted house builders. Meanwhile, our in-house architecture specialist designed the new floor plans, working closely with the interior designer to create a luxurious architectural design perfect for a couple wishing to live in a beautiful area.  The teams worked synchronously to deliver the perfect housing design.

The Granny’s Quarters was the perfect kick-starter for the growth of Equnox Designs. As the development process progressed, we grew as a company, learning multiple lessons that add up to our experience. And, just like we did in Minto, we manage every project with utmost care, no matter the scale.


Interested In Our Other Services?

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Project Management

We are qualified to take on any kind of project – property development, housing design or interior design.

3D Rendering

Our 3D rendering services are for anyone looking to get a photorealistic illustration of their project.

Property Development

Instead of dealing with different contractors you deal only with us. Our all in-house team take on your project from start to finish. No outsourcing necessary.


With different investment models & wide project pool, we guarantee our investors will find a project they love.

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Architectural Design that is one-of-a-kind for families and investors.

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    Can I trust the builders seeing as they aren’t part of Equnox Designs?

    Of course! We choose our partners very carefully. And, even if they aren’t officially under Equnox Designs, we manage the construction and run quality controls in every step of the process. As always, we guarantee the success of your project.

    Can you build a custom home?

    Absolutely! Our partners are top quality custom home builders in Sydney, ready to build your dream home.

    I don’t have a design yet. What can I do?

    A design is crucial before building can start. If you have an idea of what you want, our team can help you develop it. Our design services include architectural design and 3D rendering services. Check out our “What We Do” page to know how we can help you develop your vision.

    I don’t want to deal with builders. Can you do it instead?

    Yes. We serve as a middleman between you and the builders, while we manage the project we run quality controls to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.

    How long will construction take?

    It depends. Construction times vary from project to project but our team will make sure to create a timeline tailored to your needs, and deliver on time.

    Will you have your own building arm in the future?

    Yes. We are working on our very own Equnox Building company to offer you the complete package from start to finish, surpassing in quality, budget and timing.