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3D Rendering Services

3D rendering is the art of turning a three dimensional model into a photorealistic 2D image. Our 3D rendering services are specifically for architectural visualisation, meaning we create images of architectural designs for our clients.This is to help them visualise what the end product will look like. 

All 3D renders go hand-in-hand with our architectural design, property development and interior design services. 

At Equnox we specialise in building and designing specific models, creating quality renders. Our all in-house team is made up of experienced and well versed professionals that excel in their field. 

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

First Brief

The 3D rendering team meets with the client to get some insight into what needs to be achieved. We collect all the information necessary, like scaled plans and specifications to start creating the architecture of the model.

3D Modelling

With the help of an interior design consultant, the 3D rendering team models the architectural design following the project scope to a ‘T’. The structure and the interior is built with a 3D modelling software, bringing the project to life.

Landscape Modelling

At this stage, we compare the urban design surrounding the site and model everything outside of the property including gardens, people passing by and trees. We take into consideration the building design to define the best approach for the external additions. Of course, the architectural design has been polished by now.

Surrounding Landscape

If the client needs a broader look at their project, we model the surrounding neighbourhoods and streets by looking at the urban design plans of the location. Whatever surrounds the property, we model.

Materials & Style

Once the design is finished, we choose the ideal materials with the help of the interior design consultant. This entails choosing the best materials to style the property up to a luxury standard. Specific materials are chosen based on budget, preference and style.

Photography & Photo Montage

Once everything has been modelled, the client chooses the angle they want. Different angles are meant to demonstrate different details of the project, such as the interior design, the housing design or how the project will affect the urban design of the location.
After the angle has been chosen, the model is rendered into a hyper-realistic architectural visualization image.


Bridging the gap between building and Nature. The name.....The Artist!

  • Client - Competition
  • Status - Finished
  • Location - The Domain NSW
  • Size - 40,000sqm

Our proposal for the extension of the AGNSW Competition. The challenge called for an addition to the existing Art Gallery of New South Wales by allocating new halls and exhibition areas to grow the current art display. 

The curved waving ceiling was created in our architectural design studio by introducing a fictional topography to the flat structure in an attempt to simulate the Domain’s irregular scenery. It also serves as a bridge that connects with  Sir John Crescent at street level, allowing pedestrians to have direct access to the park above. Along with it, the architecture design calls for the courtyard, currently placed on top of the car park, to be moved down to street level in order to connect the street view with the new gallery. 


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    What is a 3D render?

    They are hyper realistic models created digitally for architectural visualisation. Having a 3D render helps clients and architects alike to see what the final product will look like.

    Do you only do architectural renders?

    Unfortunately, yes. As a property development company, that is where our expertise lies. Our architectural 3D rendering services include: external 3D visualisation, interior rendering

    When should I get a 3D render?

    We recommend starting an architectural 3D rendering project once the design has been revised and is ready to be approved. Normally, architectural renders serve as a visualisation for the final design to get approved.

    How many revisions do I get?

    We offer 2 revisions. If you wish to get more our team may be able to arrange something. Talk to us and see what we can do for you.

    How long will it take?

    Architectural renders take time. But do not worry, every project has a different time frame. Our team will create a timeline specific to you that meets your schedule.

    Can I hire you for an overseas job?

    Mainly, we focus on rendering services in Sydney, but contact us and we might be able to help you.