If you have watched or read The Great Gatsby and wished you could re-live the era, we have great news for you. The “Great Gatsby Style” is actually called Art Deco, and it is a style born and popularised in the 1920’s that went on to become incredibly influential in art, fashion, architecture and design in the 30’s and 40’s. But just as anything good never dies, Art Deco made a comeback in 2020, the perfect time for the roaring 20’s to be revived.

Here is an easy guide to understand Art Deco and the modern Gatsby era.

The Style

Art Deco is defined by geometric forms and symmetric designs that decorate a space to give it an influx of modernity, and is traditionally topped with pops of colour. Britannica describes it as an intention to break traditional designs and create something elegant.

Darker tones were more popular in the past but now we rather use lighter tones to give the style a modern twist. In the photo below you can see how our team combined marble with golden brass details. The brightness of the colours also helps take advantage of the natural light.

The City Artist (a bar-like Art Deco renovation)

The Furniture

The 1920’s were all about luxury and excess which is why the furniture associated with Art Deco is rather lavish. From weirdly shaped couches to futuristic looking tables, Art Deco encompasses anything and everything.

For our newest project, our interior design team decided to use something more tame. The vibrant blue banquette booth gives the, otherwise, white and gold room a pop of colour while also giving the place an expensive and sophisticated look. The shelves behind it were chosen by one of our architecture specialist to accentuate the space with symmetrical lines and contrast with the architectural design which uses a simple white marble table to keep a luxurious style. In the case of “The City Artist”, our interior designer decided to use a geometrically stylised lamp as the highlight. Hanging in the middle of the room with its shapely awesomeness, this lamp steals everyone’s attention.

The City Artist (a bar-like Art Deco renovation)


It isn’t a surprise that Art Deco is back, since it used to symbolise wealth and sophistication. It still does. And after the huge success of The Great Gatsby movie, we imagine it is here to stay.

The City Artist (a bar-like Art Deco renovation)


If you’re interested in more photos of our newest renovation of a small apartment with a huge design impact, check out our projects page here.


Written by EB

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