This on-going project is a luxury development in the heart of Maroubra. From rags to riches. From a single brick house to a 3 storey residential building. The Portland is a fairy tale come through, thanks to our architecture specialist. 

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The Architecture 

The overall design plays a modern angle on the traditional beach houses surrounding the area. The tall ceilings give the 3 stories a prideful stance in the middle of the other shorter, two storey houses on either side. The tall windows at the front of each unit allows for natural light to filter inside and brighten the room. And the stylish facade spotlights the newness of the property. 

Even though the building is only near the beach, our architectural design team made sure to make it feel beachfront-like. Respecting the urban design of the area, our architecture design team made sure to combine uniqueness with tradition. 


The Materials 

Sandstone, white brick and copper fascia are all high quality materials that give this building an original twist. 

Our architecture specialist chose sandstone for the ground floor to represent the beach. The white brick was used to reflect the sun and take advantage of the natural light. Finally, the copper fascia was specifically chosen by the lead architect to pay tribute to the old orange terracotta tiles used in the neighbouring houses while still maintaining the modern design.


The Landscape

The plan was carefully developed in our architectural design studio. The goal was to incorporate greenery into each level to challenge the status quo. By pushing nature into a vertical plane, rather than the traditional horizontal design, our landscape architect gave The Portland the final touch. 

3D Render of The Portland


Check out more of our renders here or contact us to get your own. 

Written by EB

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