Blackwattle Bay Marina - Pyrmont

Blackwattle Bay Marina Is One Of A Kind

The marina accommodates a great number of cruises, private and public boats, and yachts, making it imperative to have smooth running systems and services. Which is why our project management team was engaged to manage the new upgrade of the Blackwattle Bay Marina.

We assisted the marina management team with all necessary approvals, management of consultants, strategic positioning and meetings to start construction in a hassle-free and seamless manner for everyone involved.

The marina was re-designed to accommodate a new power supply structure to provide a more efficient solution for its residents. Along with it, a new waste disposal management system was added to be used by the private boats. And, keeping the community of Blackwattle Bay Marina in mind, our team decided to also add a public disposal discharge dock that will support the docked boats. Additionally, our team designed a new public toilet facility for the visitors and clients of the marina. 

Thanks to our experienced architectural design and project management teams, the construction process did not affect the various surrounding businesses.

Client : Blackwattle Bay Operatives

Project Date : In Progress

Designed by Design Director & Nominated Architect Estefano Bonfante

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