Ratu Knight

CEO & Co-Founder


Ratu Knight (age 30), BMus, Dip BD, Cert IV ProjMgt, CEO & Co-Founder of Equnox Designs.

He is responsible for all Business Development, Marketing, Sales and HR. Ratu controls all acquisitions of internal sites for Equnox and investors whilst sourcing the funding to complete the deals. His extended experience includes construction project management for Dream Developments Group, as well as other property development projects as a sole operator for the past 6 years. 

By the age of 30, he has bought and sold 12 properties worth over $13m+ with another 19 currently in development set to be sold in 2021, bringing the total to over $30m+. 

He believes that a hands-on approach to gain experience is more valuable than a degree, even though he possesses all the required qualifications. Thanks to his great adaptability skills, Ratu adjusts and perseveres through adversity, bringing every project to completion. With his formidable strategic thinking as an advantage against competitors in the field, he creates a seamless experience for his investors and colleagues while delivering outstanding results. Having achieved ROI’s of 50% up to and beyond 100%, he sees big things for Equnox Designs in the future.

He lives by his three brand promises: 

“Preeminence, Complete Transparency and Return on Investment.”

His vision for 2021 is the acquisition of another 12 projects for Equnox Designs with a total allocation of $36m+ from current and new investors, and funding partners. One of his biggest goals is to open an Equnox Designs REIT, and acquire funding partners from all over the world to deliver global development projects that surpass expectations. 


Site Acquisitions 100%
Investor Relations100%
Strategic Thinking100%
Problem Solving100%
Feasibility Studies100%
Building Design100%
Project Management100%


2019 - Present
CEO & Co-Founder of Equnox Designs
2017 - 2019
Director & Co-Founder of Millionaire Motors
2015 - 2020
Director & Co-Founder of Dream Developments Group
2015 - Present
Director & Co-Founder of Garden Time Australia
Diploma of Real Estate
2020 - 2021
Cert IV in Real Estate
2017 - 2019
Diploma of Building Design, Cert IV in Project Management
2013 - 2016
Bachelor of Music

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