Laura Knoell

Laura Knoell

Interior Designer / Marketing Manager


Laura Knoell (age 26), Interior Designer at Equnox Designs, responsible for all visual marketing campaigns and content creation as well as all Interior Design Jobs and Styling. 

Laura is a passionate interior designer providing high quality design services for both commercial and private residential clients. She enjoys working in close consultation with clients, and takes her lead from the brief, taking into account the building design to create an environment that works perfectly in both form and function. She follows the design process to the T which keeps the project on schedule, on budget and transparent, allowing clients to know what to expect in every step of the way.

With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centred approach, Laura has proven herself as an innovative designer. 

She offers a balanced mix of creativity, collaboration and forward thinking with a structured, organised and detailed mentality that enables her to deliver focused development, follow through and total completion to each aspect of the design. Thanks to her background in Business and Marketing, Laura creates new and appealing visual content across all social media platforms.

Her work mantra is:

“To create a space that feels like home from the moment you walk through the door.”


Superior communication100%
Creative eye100%
Attention to detail100%
Organization & Time Management 100%


Interior Designer / Marketing Manager
Three Birds Styling School
Professional Sketchup Course
Australian Academy of Interior Design
Assistant General Manager at Crunch Fitness
CPM Online Marketing – Internship
Diploma in Business

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