How to Choose the Right Sized Furniture

Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of furniture and rush to buy it before anything else, but it is important to keep in mind that planning the design of a spaces will get you a long way. You can start planning around that particular piece of furniture or choose the style first and then go from there. 

Here are our master tips to choosing the right sized furniture, just like the best interior designers do it.

Measure, measure, measure.

There is nothing worse than having to exchange that one sofa you’ve been dying to have because it doesn’t fit. To avoid any painful returns, measure the room first. Measuring might seem like the obvious thing to do but you’d be surprised on how evasive it can get. So, measure your spaces from wall to wall, and if possible, get the measurements of the furniture in your Wishlist. Measure everything. Measure everything twice. Then make a plan. 

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Shape Matters 

Now, now, don’t go letting your mind run, this is about couches. When it comes to living rooms in Sydney, interior designers use different couch shapes depending on what you want to portray. For a social space, get an L or U-shaped sofa to make space for more people. Oh, and don’t forget to keep coffee table within reach (around 40cm away from the edge).


Pay Attention to Detail

This one is a simple one. It seems like a no brainer to make sure the proportions of your entertainment unit fits your TV but you also have to think about other things like the size of your side tables, lamps and any other small decorations. We recommend keeping a moodboard to keep you on track and a list with everything you want to have around. This will help you visualise any cluttering or repeated items.

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Hanging Lamps

If you love pendant lights, we are there with you. They are fancy, elegant and every bit magical. But they are also tricky to hang at the right height. Hang them too high and they might get lost as a highlight. Hang them too low and you could have your guests hitting and bumping their heads non stop. Our team recommends to leave a space of at least 70cm. At this height, you will have great lighting without having anyone get a concussion. 

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Bring Everything Together with a Rug

Rugs are great to bind everything together and create a designated space. If you have an open plan kitchen and living room, you can use different rugs to delimit the space between them while keeping it stylish. If you don’t know how to find the right rug for you, check out our Ultimate Guide for Rug Picking. 

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Picking furniture, styling, measuring and then arranging everything can get pretty overwhelming. If you have any questions contact our team here and let us give you a VIP experience and take on everything for you with zero stress.


Written by EB

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