6 Tips to Nail the Minimalist Style 

Minimalism became popular in the early 90’s but it never really faded away. With its clean and warm design, it’s not a surprise that it would still be a highly popular choice when styling your home. The best interior designers in Sydney often choose a minimalist style for luxurious designs and sophisticated spaces. 

There are many benefits that come with a minimalistic look which is why it is one of our top design picks. Going minimalistic will give your home a clean look, even If you don’t have tons if free time to clean it every day and it will make your home seem more spacious.

Use this 6 tips to transform your home with minimalism like a pro!

No More Clutter

If you have to move things around to fit some more, it’s likely your spaces are cluttered by thing you don’t need. Books, papers, notebooks, cups, etc. put all of those in storage. If you can’t find place to store it, you probably don’t need it. 

Table tops and desktops are the places that tend to get cluttered the most, so star there. If it can’t be stored, you can’t find a place where to keep it or it isn’t essential, get rid of it. The lack of unnecessary items will make everything look tidier. 

Colour palettes? Keep it simple. 

When deciding your next makeover, go ahead and choose a clean colour palette. Stick to light tones and combine them with whites. However, be wary of clean white walls. If you want a warm feeling, go on and throw some cream yellows in the mix. And, if you’re looking for a more clean cut palette, try a mix of light blues and even grey. 

Remember that, one of the best features of minimalism is the colour palettes. A nice palette of whites, cream yellows, light blues and beiges enhances natural lighting which will make your bills more affordable and will give the room the illusion of being bigger. 

Exchange the old for the new

A basic rule for an organised house. If you’re buying something new, something old has to go. This is especially important for things such as magazine, vases and clothing. Though it doesn’t necessarily has to be an item of the same size. The bigger the item that goes, the more space you make for the new ones!

The first thing that an interior designer will tell you is to get rid of clutter. Why not start early and do it today?

Less is more

This one is not surprising at all, since minimalism is all about, well, minimal possessions. The philosophy is to guide people to get rid of everything they don’t need, true Marie Kondo style. But we prefer a more subtle approach. For everything that you intend to keep or buy, you should evaluate its quality and usability in your life. The more unusable things you own, the more clutter. 

Don’t forget, quality over quantity. 

Functionality and Style over Decoration

When it comes to furniture, there are amazing options that go spot on with minimalism. The trick is to pick stylish options that also offer functionality such as nested tables or couches with storage. Choosing a multi purpose piece of furniture will not only help you with storage but also will free up space in your home.


There you have it. 6 tips to nail the minimalistic look like a pro. Keep your home free of clutter with this style, and keep your interiors looking clean and crisp.  


Written by EB

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