5 Ways To Light Your Home Like A Pro

Having beautiful interiors is great but the wrong lighting can make everything worse. From atmosphere to mood and energy, the right lighting will create the perfect space. However, understanding the different light designs can be tricky.

We reached out to our savvy Interior Designers in Sydney to uncover the 5 things you should know about lighting placement, source and design. For a guide on designing and organising specific rooms, follow us in Instagram and never miss another post.

1 Know Your Lighting Types

Interior designers use 3 different types of lighting: General, Task and Accent. General lighting serves as the main lighting of a room. It is mainly functional and meant to keep your rooms bright. Task lighting is for specific purposes like lamps on desks or reading lights. And Accent lighting is meant to create ambience and mood.

Before choosing your lighting, make sure you know exactly which type you want and what you’re going to use it for. It will safe you a lot of time.

2 Statement Piece

Big hanging lamps and chandeliers go amazing with open plan rooms and over kitchen islands but sometimes they work more as statements than lamps. An example can be stacked hanging lamps that throw more shadows on the space than light. We know aesthetics come first but if your statement piece is your biggest source of light, you’ll need to make sure it is functional.

The best Interior Designers recommend choosing a single statement light over multiple ones. However, if you’re set on stacked pieces, make sure there’s enough space for other types of lighting sources.

3 Mix It Up

Lamps come in all different sizes and designs, and you should use them to your advantage. Mix up big hanging lamps with stand ups and smaller statement lights. Create balance by mixing up sizes and shapes. The contrast between pieces will help create a different ambience in the room. Plus, you can always change the mood in the room by playing around with the different lighting.

When combining different lights though, keep in mind the light colour. Create coziness with more yellow lights and better the overall clearness of the room with white or LED lights.

4 Highlight The Important

Lamps aren’t only for illumination but they can also be used to highlight areas inside a room. If you have a table you want to drive attention towards or maybe a piece of art, set a light over it. Anyone coming or going from your home will notice that specific area first.

Similarly, you can choose to place light sources away from areas you don’t want people paying attention to. We recommend directing attention away from storage closets, laundry rooms and playrooms since these tend to be messy.

5 Don’t Be Afraid Of Trying New Things

While it is important to keep your home styling to one design, you shouldn’t be afraid of playing around with your lightning options. Instead of going with an expected lamp, go out of the ordinary and choose a piece that will contrast with your interiors. If you’re feeling extra daring, play around with different options that contrast with the architectural design of your home too.

Playing around with lighting is great fun, and don’t forget, the best designers are the ones that take risks. When styling your home, many designers will tell you to stick to a certain style but when it comes to lights, we like to try new things, and you should too.


Written by EB

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