5 Top Secret Interior Design Tips

Designing interiors is not an easy task, regardless of what many people think. There are many things that might seem irrelevant that could help you transform an empty space into your home. A  good design maximises the available space, plays with colours and  aligns with your personal tastes, all while staying within budget. There are many interior design firms in Sydney but the best interior designers follow this 5 tips to create functional spaces full of life. 

1. Make a plan

Interior designers create mood boards with colour palettes, materials and themes to present to clients. If you are planning on re-designing your own place, it is a good idea to create one or  several boards with the different aesthetics you want. This can be easily created with apps like Pinterest.  Once you’ve chosen your palettes, theme and overall aesthetic, stick to it.

2. Have a measurement map

To avoid major buyer regret syndrome, make sure to measure everything  beforehand. A good way  to do it is to  take a photo of any space  you’re thinking about buying furniture for, take measurements and annotate them on the photo. That way, you can measure the furniture at the store and make sure it fits your home. 

3. Use more than one light source

Some interior design firms might suggest different aesthetics but something to keep in mind is good lighting doesn’t come from one single source. Depending on the purpose of the room, placing strategic light source like small lamps will brighten the space, especially for kitchens and studies. 

4. Buy according to style and aesthetic not price

Having a budget has many benefits but one of the biggest is no regret. With new places or redecoration, people tend to get excited and euphoric to buy the best of the best, only to find out that they regret the decision later.  There’s no need for you to buy the most expensive and spend millions to match the style and aesthetic you want. But, good furniture can get pretty expensive which may end up with you either buying something you didn’t want or getting way over budget.  In Sydney, an interior architect can help you get the same products for a cheaper price, helping you t o stay within budget while still getting the best products.

5. Art is all in the details

Our vision is guided by details. This means that you can direct focus to a specific space by enhancing it with small details such as a vase, a candle or other small decorations. Or, you can distract from  a space  just as well. 

All over Sydney, interior designers use this 5 easy tips to create harmonious and cohesive spaces that  clients can call home. And now, you can too!

Written by EB

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