Freshly out of our architectural design studio!

The Welder transforms a simple warehouse of a welding company with two levels of office space into a luxurious working place. Our team decided to use metal to represent the brand of the company while also proving that metal is as versatile as it is functional.

The Specs

Displace the office space currently embedded in the warehouse and expand it to accomodate for the growth of the company in the next 10 years. Add more parking spaces and leave the infrastructure of the warehouse in order to allow for doubling of the current operations. 

The Design 

Thanks to the orientation of the building, our architectural design team had to get creative. The design uses a glass facade to accomplished a more sustainable design. It exploits natural lighting to decrease the need for artificial lights. Meanwhile, the architecture takes advantage of the metal facade, not only to increase the appeal of the structure, but also to shelter the inside from direct sunlight. 

Architectural Design
The Welder, Villawood


Our 3D rendering team did an excellent job bringing the design to life. Let us know which design is your favourite and why. Check out more of our projects here or contact us here.


Written by EB

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