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Designing unique, one of a kind homes for families and investors.



Creating impressive interiors for the growth and security of loved ones.

Property Development

Producing high yield returns through seamless experiences.

Project Management

Delivering every project on time and budget.

3D Rendering

Providing developers with top quality images that make an impact.

Your Roadmap to Success

We have a team of specialists dedicated to finding profitable future developments.

1. Find & Buy

Creating unique designs is our forte, and getting them approved is simpler and faster with Equnox. Let's just say we know what works!

2. Design & Approve

Project managing the build ensure's QTB..... Quality, Time, Budget. During this time we create realistic renders to spark buyer's interests.

3. Build & Market

Our development's generally run from 12-18 months. This is a long term game but the returns are phenomenal for those who are patient.

4. Profit & Start Again


“The Equnox team had it all under contol. They made more progress in 3 months than we had in 2 years!”​


—  Blackwattle Bay Marina

Equnox is built on the fundamentals of creating a seamless experience in property development through our comprehensive services, forging a better future by integrating the built environment with Nature.

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